Based on the highly selling Honda CRF 450R, the Japanese have now revealed a new smaller capacity motocross machine called the Honda CRF 250R. Honda has designed this bike by keeping in mind the market demand and is confident that it will be as successful as the CRF 450R.

The all new Honda CRF 250R has been possible after a lot of R&D on its engine. It has got titanium valves which are larger in size and also have a higher lift and narrower angle. Honda has kept the dimensions of the engine square-ish to keep its height as low as possible. Also, the piston of the new Honda CRF 250R gets a bridge-box design which is the first for a motocrosser by Honda. There is no kick starter on the new bike. Another big change in the engine is the dual exhaust system, which is completely separated from each other.

2018-honda-crf250r-uae-dubaiSpeaking at the unveiling of the new Honda CRF 250R, Lee Edmunds, American Honda’s Manager of Motorcycle Marketing Communications, said, “We’re excited to show this all-new, no-compromise model to our customers. The CRF450R has become the top-selling 450cc motocross model, and now that the CRF250R shares many of the same performance focused updates, we’re confident it will enjoy similar success in the market and on racetracks everywhere.”

Honda has also developed a new chassis to keep the weight of the CRF 250R as low as possible. In fact, there are many other parts that have been incorporated keep the weight of the motorcycle in check. It has got a new generation lighter aluminium frame; it is light but doesn’t miss out on the functionality as it provides good stability. The new titanium fuel tank and extruded sub-frame are also designed to keep the weight down. Even the electric starter is powered by a small, light weight lithium-ion phosphate battery.