In the last MotoGP season, Ducati did a great job in providing enhanced aerodynamics in its race motorcycles by using the external winglets. But due to the safety issues with the winglets, MotoGP authorities decided against its use in 2017 MotoGP World Championship. This made Ducati struggle to get that extra downforce on its machines. The current MotoGP season is halfway through and Ducati has developed a new fairing for the remaining half season.

According to the reports, Ducati has successfully developed a new fairing which it is planning to use in its motorcycles from this weekend in Brno. Apparently, the company has been working hard on this development in the summer break since it has been struggling to get enough downforce in the season so far, causing Ducati to lag behind in the standings. The new fairings have been tested by Danilo Petrucci during a private test at Misano.

ducati-motogp-uae-dubaiSpeaking on this, Petrucci said, “The [Misano] test was good. I was surprised by how many things Ducati built during this first part of the season because during two days of testing we started at 9 am and finished at 7 pm. It was quite incredible. Some things like the new fairing will be available from here. I don’t know if we try from tomorrow or from Saturday. In Misano, we’ve seen that the fairing has more downforce and has not so-bad things. So we decided to try to homologate this new fairing for the rest of the season.”

Petrucci also added, “It’s an important thing for us because last year we were for sure two steps ahead in aerodynamics and when they decide to keep out the wings we were quite in trouble. Because we had a lot of study about the aerodynamics of the bike and the downforce of the front end of the bike. So without the wings, we have to rebalance all the bike and it was quite difficult to work. But at the end with this fairing, I think we can make another step ahead, compared to the other manufacturers. But anyway we don’t know yet if here it is working better or worse. We have to decide.”

Ducati seems eager to use the newly developed fairings at Brno. Maybe riders will test it in practice sessions only because factory riders Andrea Dovizioso and Jorge Lorenzo haven’t tested it. Let’s see what happens this weekend and how Ducati’s new ‘weapon’ performs in the race.