United Arab Emirates is a land of superlatives. The biggest this, the largest that, the tallest in the world, the most expensive ever, etc. You get the drift. So a motorcycle like the Triumph Rocket III fits the bill perfectly when it comes to the motorcycle you need to own in the UAE. After all, it has the biggest motorcycle production engine in the world displacing a whopping the 2,294cc in its inline-3 configuration.


The Triumph Rocket III appears massive from every angle. Big chunky wheels, massive forks, a tank as wide as a dining table and an oversized rear tyre are all there for you to notice and absorb. In spite of me having ridden a multitude of large motorcycles, this was my first time on a Rocket III and I was a bit nervous while I swung my leg over its large, plush seat. Once you get on it, you will notice that your legs are set apart wider than most motorcycles thanks to that inline-3 engine. Everything seems so oversized and yet somehow so manageable.

This motorcycle has been designed with one primary objective in mind, to stand out from anything else on two wheels that’s out there. It is a truly one-off design which can’t be missed. Triumph makes two version of the Rocket III, one is the Roadster while the other is the Touring variant. The Rocket III Roadster has less frills than the Touring version and has blackened components including radiator cowls, rear mudguard rails, airbox cover, fork protectors, and mirrors to lend it that menacing look.


Triumph claims that this large three-cylinder engine is designed to be an arm-wrenching thrill to ride and I completely agree with that. The capacity of the Rocket III Roadster is huge, 2,294cc, and with a gut churning 221Nm at just 2,750rpm it has more torque at idle than most superbikes at full chat! Maximum power output us an impressive 148bhp at 5,750rpm. The 2015 Rocket III’s engine is unrestricted thereby delivering its full strength in the first three gears giving it that almighty punch.

In a straight line, this motorcycle will give most sportbikes a run for their money and I’m not exaggerating one bit here. Its power and torque delivery is something that you need to experience to truly understand what I mean. It’s savage in the most impressive of ways and as a motorcyclist, this is one experience you should have once in your lifetime.


Even though the engineers at Triumph Motorcycles have tried their best to keep the three big cylinders arranged lengthways along the bike to keep it manageably narrow and align the crankshaft with the shaft final drive, it still feels wider than any other cruiser out there.

The ride and handling is something you need to get used to on the Rocket III Roadster. It isn’t the most nimble or flickable motorcycle out there. With a wet weight of 367kg, it is a handful. It’s large twin 320mm floating discs up front and single 316mm disc at the rear do a good job at stopping this motorcycle with a decent amount of urgency. However, cornering on this needs getting used to.


Moving all that weight from side to side is something you need to master. Sadly, I couldn’t build up the confidence I needed to lean it as I wanted to. My daily ride is a tall enduro motorcycle and two days with the Rocket III weren’t enough to master it.

Overall, the Triumph Rocket III impresses in more than one way. The quality along with the fit and finish is great and so is its appeal. It’s a motorcycle that you absolutely want or you absolutely despise. It is extreme and it has its own character that demands a certain level of acceptance from the owner.

Retailing in Dubai at AED 86,500, the Rocket III certainly isn’t cheap but considering what you’re paying for, the price seems justified. If you look at the competition, you aren’t paying anything less for a Harley-Davidson, Victory or an Indian that rivals the Rocket III Roadster.

For more information on the Rocket III, contact Duseja Moto.