Zero Motorcycles, now a well-known name in the electric motorcycle industry, has issued a recall of a total of 200 of its models manufactured in 2012. Unfortunately this time the issue can’t be fixed by a small firmware upgrade.

Zero said that this recall has been announced because of a potential fire hazard. The cell pouches inside the battery packs of the affected motorcycles rub against their mountings or holders. This can cause wear to occur over a period of time and would allow humidity to reach inside the pouch. As a result, this could lead to a short circuit within the battery and hence a fire could break out.

To rectify this issue, Zero Motorcycles will contact all the owners of the affected models and they will be notified about it. The entire process will begin sometime during the end of April 2018. Until then Zero warns its customers to not ride or even charge their electric bikes.

Zero Motorcycles’ dealers will follow up with the recall process and pick up the defective models from customers’ locations free of charge. Customers will the option to get their machines fixed or brought back, including a financial trade-assist program towards a newer model year Zero.