The fast, powerful and aggressive V-Rod Muscle is built for riders who want a little extra beef with their horsepower and are willing to sacrifice the traditional Harley-Davidson styling. Big meaty air scoops, muscle-bound mufflers, 240 mm rear tyre, fastback-style tail section and massive airbox compliment the power of the 1250cc liquid-cooled Revolution engine which itself is a break from Harley-Davidson’s usual crop of V-twin engines.

One look at the V-Rod muscle and you won’t help but notice that ultra-fat, 240mm rear tyre, which provides a powerful, no-nonsense look and added grip, needed to transfer all that power to the road. Harnessing explosive, off-the-line power, the rear tyre on the V-Rod Muscle enhances the pure dragster look with the sticky, high-performance tread you need for staying glued to the pavement.


Every inch of the V-Rod family is created to highlight overall look and performance. The V-Rod Muscle model is no exception. Race-inspired, 43mm inverted forks help reduce unsprung weight and increase strength and rigidity of the assembly.

The engine is loosely inspired by Harley-Davidson’s VR1000 superbike engine. Its performance is inspired by American-style, big, powerful torque coupled with high-end horsepower. The Revolution engine is the heart of a machine that attracts a new breed of riders who are fascinated by the heritage and mystique of Harley-Davidson and the power of a high-end street performance.


Through a partnership with Porsche, and their world-renowned team of engineers, Harley-Davidson created a revolutionary engine. The final result was something uniquely Harley-Davidson, the industry’s most perfect blend of torque and horsepower in the high revving V-Twin Revolution engine. Fuel injection. Dual overhead cams. Liquid cooled. 122hp.

The unique, platinum finished Revolution engine features polished cylinder heads and rocker covers for a one-of-a-kind look, while the machined cooling fin tips give it a stripped down metal finish. The 1250cc Revolution engine on the V-Rod Muscle model is one of Harley-Davidson’s highest horsepower engine to this day.

Harley-Davidson-V-Rod-Muscle-Night-Rod-DubaiThe V-Rod Muscle features a slipper clutch that provides smoother, high-power handling in turns or whenever you downshift. By reducing clutch friction, the slipper clutch helps keep your rear wheel at a controlled clip.

High-performance Brembo dual-disk brakes offer consistent stopping power at every leg of your journey. Plus, the standard Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) helps reduce the chance of wheel lock-up.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are different from any other bike out on the road and the V-Rod is no exception, except the fact that it polarises opinion even among Harley riders. In any case, it is a love it or hate it machine but one this is for certain, Harley-Davidson has got the fit, finish and the pricing right. The V-Rod family starts at AED 90,900.