To last ten years in any business is an achievement, let alone doing it in a field that is anything but established. Zero Motorcycles celebrated its 10th anniversary late last year. To mark a decade of pioneering electric vehicles, Zero launched a limited edition 10th Anniversary model and rolled out a rich timeline of stories chronicling the rise of the company.

Zero was founded in Santa Cruz, California, in 2006 as “Electricross,” by Neal Saiki, a motorcycle enthusiast, aeronautical engineer and innovator. The company’s heritage involves cutting-edge technology, motorcycle craftsmanship and action sports. After a decade of innovation and California-based manufacturing; Zero is the longest running electric motorcycle company in the world and continues to transform the global landscape of two-wheeled transportation.

At a time when electric vehicles were little more than a far-flung idea, for even the most tech-savvy riders, the founders saw the potential to transform an industry. Zero claims that it has worked hard in providing the same motorcycling experience that we love but eliminated typical heat, complexity, noise, vibration and maintenance headaches of petrol-fuelled motorcycles. While die-hard motorcycle fanatics like us may not agree with all of that but the obvious advantages of riding an electric motorcycle is clear. For example, I wouldn’t mind an electric motocross machine that offers the same amount of capability, weight and power as my CRF 450 but eliminates the hassle of an oil change, engine maintenance and other nuances.

The centrepiece of Zero’s line-up is the DSR. Fifty examples of this flagship motorcycle will be handcrafted at Zero’s California headquarters. The limited edition model is designed to be Zero’s most elegant and refined, with signature touches of metallic black paint, custom graphics, as well as a full complement of accessories. It’s the first model to include a factory-installed Charge Tank, allowing customers to expand their riding opportunities by using the increasing network of Level 2 charge stations. As a versatile dual sport, the 10th Anniversary Zero DSR is a nod to Zero’s off-road roots.