Zero Motorcycles has come out with a comprehensive update to their range of electric motorcycles for 2018, boasting of increased range and faster charging.

Zero Motorcycles’ range of 2018 electric motorcycles claims 10% extra range over previous models and six times faster charging facilitated by its new Charge Tank technology.

Founded in 2006, Zero Motorcycles is the current world leader in the nascent electric motorcycle space. While most electric bikes are only relegated to being concepts on paper, garage queens, or come with eye-watering price tags, Zero has been consistently producing and bettering their lineup of street e-bikes that are for the masses and can be used on a daily basis in place of fuel-driven vehicles.


For 2018, engineers at Zero have successfully extended the Z-Force platform’s energy capacity by more than 10%. Three new batteries – ZF14.4, ZF7.2, and ZF3.6 will benefit from the update. These lithium-ion batteries are maintenance free with a five-year unlimited mileage warranty.

Motorcycles employing the largest battery, the ZF14.4 with an optional ZF3.6 Power Tank will generate 18kWh power and offer an urban range of almost 360 km. This is currently the longest any production electric two-wheeler can go.

‘Zero continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the electric motorcycle space,’ said Todd Andersen, VP of Marketing, Sales and Aftersales. ‘Riders who’ve been waiting for more range and faster charging don’t have to wait any longer to go electric.’

Zero Motorcycles has also revealed the new Charge Tank that juices up the batteries six times faster than a standard charger. The Charge Tank comes as a factory fitment, and is compatible with Zero S, SR, DS and DSR bikes. It costs a little more than $3,000. Together with the Zero charger, the Charge Tank will fully charge the ZF7.2 battery in one hour and the bigger ZF14.4 in two.


For 2018 model year, models running on the ZF7.2 battery will gain 11% extra rear-wheel torque. Zero S and DS, both of which use the ZF14.4 battery will get a substantial 30% bump in power and torque.

Additionally, all Zero Motorcycles models will get new colors and graphics for 2018, with firmware updates for 2017 models already live. The 2018 Zero e-bikes will hit dealer floors in November.