During the end of 2017, Yamaha unveiled its new three-wheel motorcycle concept, the Niken, at the Tokyo Motor Show. Everyone was taken aback by the product. But at the same time, its credibility was being questioned, after all, it was a concept. However, it seems that the Japanese giant is pretty serious about seeing a future with three-wheel motorcycles.

Yamaha Motor Company has recently bought patents for Brudeli Leanster. To shed a light on the latter, it’s a Norwegian company which has been manufacturing three-wheel leaning motorcycles for quite some time now. It showcased its first concept at EICMA in 2005. Its two products, the Brudeli 654L and 625L are quite popular in this segment.

brudelli-leansters-uae-dubaiSpeaking on this activity, Geir Brudeli inventor and owner of Brudeli Tech Holding AS says, “I see this as an incredible honour that Yamaha has decided to acquire this technology that we started to develop here in Norway. Knowing the competence, knowledge and passion of Yamaha it will be exciting to see their future products.”

No comments were made by Yamaha on this. But one thing is pretty clear, by purchasing patents for Brudeli Leanster, Yamaha has told the world that it’s really interested in getting into the three-wheel motorcycle segment and the Niken was just the beginning. We would too love to see more such leaning motorcycles in the market. This will give more options for the enthusiasts to try new experiences. Perhaps, conventional motorcycles have got too boring for the Japs, hmm? I can only imagine watching a race, perhaps an off-road rally or something, which includes three-wheel leaning motorcycles like the Niken.