Yamaha recently bought patents for Brudeli Leanster which indicates us towards its intention of getting serious about the future of three-wheel motorcycles. Now, according to the latest news, Yamaha Motors is also prepping itself for an electric future.

This news comes from Yoshihiro Hidaka, who has been recently appointed as the President of Yamaha Motors. He has been serving the company as Executive General Manager of Corporate Planning & Finance Center, Senior Executive Officer and Director at Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. since March 2017.

Hidaka said that the company has got plans to cater to the needs of an electric future. At present, it only makes electric versions of its smallest scooters which reportedly take 7 hours to charge and has a real-life range of just 22.5km. In the coming years, Yamaha will be having more powerful electric models to its line-up.

He also said that teams responsible for developing motors and engines will become a single powertrain unit this month, enabling ‘resources to be distributed flexibly between electric and engine-driven models’. There will also be several changes in the operations related to automation technologies (e.g. industrial robots and agricultural helicopters) into a robotics department.

Yamaha understands the requirement of having electric vehicles (scooters/motorcycles) in its product line-up for the coming electric future. As of now, there are already various companies (new/old) that have started working on electric motorcycles and many of them already have their products out in the market available for sale. Let’s see what we would get to see in the future from brands that I’ve grown up listening about.