Yamaha surprised us with its three-wheeler Niken at the last year’s Tokyo Motor Show. We knew that the Japanese were working on such a concept but we were just expecting it to be unveiled at this point in time. Anyway, it’s good that we’re getting to witness new and different kinds of ‘motorcycles’. Manufacturers have to step into the unexplored territories to bring new products to the market in the future. Recently, Yamaha commented about its three-wheeler leaning motorcycles. Here’s what it said.

Yoshihiro Hidaka, Yamaha CEO/President, said, “Since the launch of Tricity commuter in 2014 we continued R&D activities and in the last year’s Tokyo Motor Show we have presented large size sports model Niken, which will be launched in the market this year.”

Yamaha Tricity

He further added, “Not just limited to these two models we will be expanding customer base with new values of LMW (Leaning Multi-Wheeler).”

This clears the air about the Niken. It’d be a kick-ass product if the company does bring it to the market this year. We are already excited about it and would love to get our hands on one. Other than that, Yamaha had already given the industry a three-wheeled scooter called the Tricity. But the Niken is way much better and advanced than that.


It is also clear now that Yamaha is not going to stop at the Niken. It is most likely to go further deep into this segment and would bring out more such products in the future. All the research and development that Yamaha has done to make the Niken and the Tricity would definitely help in developing more such vehicles. We wouldn’t be surprised if we get to see three-wheelers entering into the motorsports. It is an open possibility and we would love to see some action of that sort.

Anyway, we are glad that Yamaha is trying out new things and concepts. This will push other manufacturers to step into this segment too and at the end of the day, it is good news for us, the consumers. We would get to have more options to pick from. Let’s see when Yamaha launches its Niken and what else it has up its sleeve. We’d be constantly monitoring this topic, so stay tuned for more.