Yamaha Niken, the three-wheeled leaning motorcycle, is no longer just a concept. The Japanese motorcycle manufacturer has recently confirmed that it’s going to launch the Niken by the end of 2018. It is going to be a new benchmark in the motorcycle industry.


The Niken looks astonishing. The way it leans, executes corners, and handles is phenomenal. And of course, it would be awesome to have such a machine and doing crazy-speeds in corners. But how exactly things work in the background to make the Niken what it is, a Leaning Multi-Wheeler (LMW). Here’s the official video from Yamaha explaining the tech that made the Niken a reality.

Yamaha has not said when exactly it is going to launch the Niken. We are very impatient to see on in flesh. But the fact that it has confirmed its launch by the end of 2018, is great. It is definitely going to shake up other manufacturers to come out of their shells and create something to rival the Niken. Once launched, the biggest challenge for the Niken would be to perform in the real-world conditions. We’ll see what Yamaha has got.