Honda CB4 Interceptor Concept UAE-Dubai

Honda had a bunch of awesome motorcycles and concepts up on the stands at the 2017 EICMA show which was held last month in Milan. Out of all the products, there was this CB4 Interceptor concept that grabbed a lot of attention at the venue. It really looks futuristic! Honda has now released a ‘teaser’ video of the bike.

Details of the concept

The video shows a few elements of the CB4 Interceptor. It’s going to have an inline-4 engine. Most of the bike is based on the platform of the Honda’s Neo Sports Cafe or the 2018 CB1000R, so it’s quite likely that when this concept turns into a reality, most of the things are going to remain the same.

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An interesting bit of information that has been revealed in the video is the ‘clean energy’. Apparently, the small turbine-looking thing inside the striking headlight of the bike is a real deal. What Honda is trying to tell us is that it is going to use that turbine as a ‘clean source’ of power to function a touchscreen dash/display on the tank of the motorcycle! It will have features like GPS navigation, mobile connectivity (probably it would be able to make/receive calls, text messages and handle music) and ability to make emergency calls. And that’d be totally awesome!

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The CB4 Interceptor still is in the development phase but we don’t know when would Honda surprise us. Perhaps, most of the research work of the Neo Sports Cafe would have been useful for Honda to make the CB4 a reality sooner than we can expect. Maybe, sometime late in 2018, Honda?


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