Carbon-ceramic brakes in MotoGP bike

MotoGP is one of the most demanding motorsports in the world. Demanding because it requires full focus and concentration of each and every single entity involved with it – riders, teams, engineers, technology, equipment, materials – every little thing matters. The tech which is used in racing is not road-legal because of various reasons. There’s a handful of latest equipment that isn’t allowed or feasible to be used in a road-legal motorcycle. Today we’d be talking about the carbon-ceramic brakes.

Video courtesy – Official Twitter Handle of MotoGP

MotoGP bikes go extremely fast, we all know that. But it needs a tremendous amount of braking force to stop such powerful machines. There are different kind of brakes that are used in such a bike. The selection of brakes depends on certain factors, which we’d be covering in another story. Out of the available brakes, carbon-ceramic brakes is one of them. Did you watch the above video?

Since the brakes on a MotoGP bike are used very aggressively, therefore, they undergo a lot of pressure and hence heat up to very high temperatures. To withstand such high temperatures, carbon-ceramic brakes are used. In fact, this material is used because it helps the brakes perform well especially at high temperatures. Hence, it isn’t recommended to be used in a road-legal motorcycle as its brakes don’t reach such high temperatures.

A lot of brainstorming goes behind the scenes to make a MotoGP bike be a MotoGP bike, the best machine built for racing. We’d covering other topics soon, so stay tuned for more.