SWM, the Italian motorcycle manufacturer, is owned by a Chinese firm called Shineray. Recently at an event in China, they’ve announced that they’re working on four new V-twin engines that would be utilised in new motorcycles manufactured under the SWM brand.

SWM V-twin engine-bnm-uae-dubaiThis news was announced during an event in Chongqing which was to mark Shineray’s 20th anniversary. The new V-twin engines were presented at the event. According to the reports, the new engines would have a displacement range of 350cc to 1200cc. SWM says that the 350cc engine would be used for a lightweight motorcycle, primarily targeted for new riders. A notch higher, the 550cc engine is likely to go on a motorcycle which could be ridden by more ‘advanced’ riders. The remaining two engines include an 850cc unit and a massive 1200cc unit. The last one is said to provide the ‘ultimate experience’ to the very advanced riders.

At present, SWM uses single cylinder engines of Husqvarna. This move of making new V-twin engines would eliminate the dependence of the company on other firms and allow it to experiment more, fine tune the engines depending on its requirements. SWM hasn’t released any detailed info regarding when we can expect to see new motorcycles based on its new V-twin engine lineup. Stay tuned for more.