There are a plethora of motorcycles with different exhaust notes available in the market; motocross bikes, adventure bikes, touring motorcycles, sports bikes, superbikes, etc. All of these come with different engine options; some have a single cylinder engine while others carry multiple pots. There are many reasons why manufacturers use an engine of a specific configuration in their products. Many hours are spent in the R&D of a motorcycle to make it faster and safer, at the same time a huge amount of time is also spent to make it as acoustically desirable as possible.

Watch the video below.

Video courtesy – Blinz007 Motorcycle TV YouTube Channel

For me, the exhaust note of my motorcycle is like a symphony. It’s poetry. It’s how the motorcycle talks to me and tells me if there’s something wrong with it. I bet it’s the same with you too. Isn’t it? Motorcycle manufacturers have to follow a certain set of rules and norms to make their products as eco-friendly as possible. Even then they manage to make machines with beautiful exhaust notes. But still, there’s a lot of potential left. And this is where the aftermarket exhaust companies step in.

Which one’s your favourite motorcycle that has one of the best exhaust notes in the world?