Riders, teams, sponsors, fans, everyone was quite nervous at the final race of 2017 MotoGP at Valencia. Most of the people were busy with the race, a few special people were busy with something else somewhere at the venue itself. These people included a delegation from the Silverstone circuit and Dorna.

After this year’s British GP, riders complained about the condition of the Silverstone circuit. There are bumps in the track which were the main reason for the unhappy riders. Also, these bumps could result in a dangerous crash. Considering these factors, it was being speculated that Silverstone will no longer host British GP and the responsibility will be transferred to Donington Park.

motogp-2018-dubai-uaeNow if we look at the provisional calendar for the 2018 MotoGP season, the British GP is scheduled to take place on 26th of Aug. So, the problem for Donington Park arises here. Making all the necessary amendments to the track and the venue within such a short time period would be a race against time.

Among all this chaos, the final result that has been released says that Silverstone has signed up to host the British round of MotoGP for three more years. The Northamptonshire circuit is to hold the race through 2020. The delegation from the Silverstone circuit flew to Valencia to share details with Dorna and their contract has been extended for three more years.

This three years’ time will give authorities of Donington Park to make all the required changes to meet the standards of an international MotoGP venue. Perhaps, once this is done and Silverstone is once again near the end of its contract with Dorna, Donington Park can bid for his position again.