We are all aware of Valentino Rossi’s private Ranch in his hometown. Rossi uses it to practise and to improve his riding capabilities so that he can perform better in MotoGP. The track at the ranch has been designed with Rossi’s ideas and opinions. Now, there have been reports suggesting that Rossi’s ranch might be on the verge of getting into a legal dispute.

Apparently, neighbours have complained about the high level of noise coming from the ranch which is causing problems to them. Well, indeed, there would be noise as Valentino not only uses the ranch for his own practise but also teaches other riders.

Speaking on this issue, Albi Tebaldi, VR46 CEO, said, “The technical process for construction was complex, we complied with all requests and passed every type of assessment. Before the workouts we check the motion and two fixed sound level meters detect the noise thresholds.”

We’ll have to see what conclusion does come out of this matter. Meanwhile, Rossi is expected to begin the test sessions for the 2018 MotoGP season after the winter break. Earlier this year, the Italian rider suffered a broken leg while practising on his ranch. The injury affected his performance and chances of winning this year’s title. We hope that Rossi gets back in the game for the next MotoGP season and give a tough fight to his rivals for the world championship.


Image source – VR46 official