The more time I spend riding a Christini AWD motorcycle, the more I begin to like it for all the right reasons. Being a beginner when it comes to riding in the sand, I’ve made plenty of mistakes and I still haven’t quite got the hang of it. My biggest mistake is that I slam the front brakes and that I always ride in a taller gear than required. These are habits I’ve carried over from road riding.

Christini-AWD-2x2-motorcycle-Dubai-UAEMost of us ‘know’ to ride a motorcycle this way but this is the last thing you need to do when you’re riding in desert. Slamming the front brakes leads to the front tyre just digging into the sand, slowing you down at a rate most wont expect. What happens next is the best part though, being a 2×2 or an AWD motorcycles, the front just pulls itself out from being buried about half a feet into the sand when you gas it a little. When I tried riding with the AWD system turned off, I came off the bike twice.

I’m sure I would have avoided this mistake if I was a regular on a motocross bike, but I’m not. I ride in the sand about once every month or so and re-learning these skills every time are a bit of a headache. For those interested in trying these Christini AWD motorcycles, Motoventure has some interesting tours lined up for riders with all kinds of skill levels. They have tours that go on for a few hours or a few days, depending on what you’re looking for.


It’s also a good idea for someone looking to buy a dirt bike and wants to try a Christini. To know more about them, visit their Facebook page or you can contact Ikram +971 55 5437 292. You don’t need a motorcycle licence to ride in the desert but some knowledge of how to ride a motorcycle is needed. Also, Motoventures will provide you with top quality safety gear, which includes all body armour, helmet, gloves and shoes.

Prices start at around AED 550 for a 2 hour ride.


  • Alex

    Loved the last picture! Desert calling : )

    • Martin Victor Alva

      Thanks Alex! Let’s do a ride sometime.