Those who follow the market closely will know that no other segment is growing faster than the adventure-touring segment. Sales have skyrocketed and more and more riders are embracing these motorcycles. Credit for this goes to the growing popularity of the BMW R1200GS and the KTM 990 series along with the increasing number of other adventure bikes being introduced in the market.

Aprilia-caponord-1200-dubaiOver the last few years, adventure motorcycles have seemed to fulfil the needs of a variety of riders let it be those who are power hungry or those who want a good street machine with a comfortable upright seating position. These motorcycles offer a potent blend of off-road abilities and on-road dynamics. Electronic wizardry such as adjustable suspension, ABS and traction control allow these motorcycles to adapt to a variety situation, making them more versatile than any other segment of motorcycles out there.

Leading the adventure-touring segment is the BMW R1200GS, which is followed closely by the KTM 1190. Ducati isn’t far behind with its Multistrada followed by the Yamaha Super Tenere and the Suzuki V-Strom. However, there are some lesser-known models that pack quite a punch and are technologically up there with the segment leaders. One of them is the Aprilia Caponord 1200.

Aprilia-caponord-1200-dubaiAccording to the folks at Aprilia, the Caponord 1200 Travel Pack is Aprilia at its best in terms of technology, fun and comfort and attains that perfect point of equilibrium between sport and comfort that so many modern day motorcyclists long for.

The Aprilia Caponord 1200 Travel Pack includes one of the most complete and sophisticated electronic control system suite currently available on an adventure tourer. These specially designed, easy to use technologies are aimed at optimising comfort; increase safety and fun while in no way detracting from the feel the rider has with the bike.

Aprilia claims to have significantly modified the engine to better suit adventure touring riding characteristics and has been manufactured with highly advanced manufacturing technology. The company has paid great attention to internal flow dynamics to improve combustion, reduce friction and optimise performance.

Aprilia-caponord-1200-dubaiThe triple engine mapping system, which the rider can select even with the bike in motion, lets the rider choose from three distinct personalities each of which can instantly adapt to any possible riding requirement.

  • TOURING: fluid power delivery ideal for everyday riding and touring
  • SPORT: maximum performance with smooth direct power delivery
  • RAIN: maximum control and safety in conditions of poor grip

As part of the Caponord 1200 Travel Pack, the forks and shock absorber are electronically controlled by the aDD (Aprilia Dynamic Damping) system.

While the Caponord 1200 comes already fitted with a wide range of standard equipment, the Travel Pack version adds a set of 29 litre colour coded panniers, a centre stand, cruise control and the very latest semi-active suspension system with the rear suspension being 100 per cent active, the first motorbike with such a system. Aprilia Dynamic Damping (aDD) is the very latest electronic suspension control system developed by Aprilia and covered by four patents. aDD has two main objectives: one is to maximise comfort and the other is to enhance the rideability and safety of the machine.


The system measures the energy transmitted to the bike from the road surface and, in real time, adjusts the hydraulic calibration of the forks and shock absorber to always provide the best possible suspension settings depending on the riding style at that moment, the load being carried and the amount of grip available. To achieve maximum performance at any fork and shock absorber operating frequency, aDD uses a patented “MIX” “comfort oriented” algorithm which combines the principles of the well known skyhook and acceleration driven damping algorithms.

In addition to comfort, rideability is also optimised and safety is increased thanks to further software strategies, which are tied directly to the rider’s actions. In fact, the system recognises different riding phases (acceleration, throttle release, braking, constant throttle) and adjusts the baseline fork and shock absorber settings thanks to yet another patent which allows specific hydraulic calibration curves to be defined within the adjustment range.

Aprilia-caponord-1200-dubaiAprilia is also the first motorcycle manufacturer in the world to introduce a completely “active” shock absorber, which can automatically its spring preload setting. The same multi-function digital instrument panel as fitted to the Caponord 1200 is also found on the Caponord 1200 Travel Pack.

Having seen this motorcycle in flesh, I can only talk positive about its build quality and looks. It certainly looks and feels like a well put together machine with its superb workmanship. As for its characteristics on the road, only a test ride can help me answer those questions

For more details on the Aprilia Caponord 1200, you can call the authorised dealer, Duseja Moto on 971 4-3476712 or visit their website www.dusejamoto.com.