This is an ideal motorcycle for those looking for an alternative to the Ducati Street Fighter or the Yamaha FZ 1000. Having checked out all three in person, I think the Kawasaki is by far the best looking and outlandish.

From a Kawasaki Press Release

2015-Kawasaki-Z1000-DubaiThe Kawasaki Z design language was elevated to a higher level with the Z1000’s “Sugomi” styling, which combines its sculpted shape – invoking a crouching predator – with painstaking details like its special “Z” ignition key, machined aluminium steering stem bolt and the intricate “Z” motif seat cover. This is wrapped in a new colour scheme for 2015 that combines Golden Blazed Green with Metallic Spark Black to create a dramatic motorcycle that sets the stage for the excitement to follow.

The Kawasaki engineers concentrated on making the Z1000 sportbike more potent and capable. Its impressive inline-four produces power to launch you away from stoplights and out of corners in a way lesser powerplants simply cannot match. The Z1000 engine produces strong, instant thrust capable of embarrassing many hardcore sportbikes.


The 1,043cc, DOHC, liquid-cooled, 16-valve engine features intake cams that boost the low- and mid-range torque – where most street bikes spend their time. Cylinder connecting passageways strengthen performance in the mid- and high RPM range by reducing the pumping losses associated with displacing air inside the crankcase. The pronounced intake growl at low RPM, combined with its intoxicating howl on full-song, will put a smile on any rider’s face.

Four 38mm Keihin downdraft throttle bodies inject the optimal mix of fuel and air into each combustion chamber thanks to the advanced ECU. It is supplemented by a cool air intake system that routes fresh air to the airbox via extra ducts in the front fairing. The airbox is fitted with a non-woven filter element that improves flow at high RPM, while four equal-length velocity stacks help provide snappy throttle response to further increase the engine’s fun factor.


Digital Timing Advance contributes to the increased low- and mid-range power, while spark plug-mounted ignition coils help ensure perfect and powerful timing for each cylinder. It’s the ideal engine for a road-going sportbike – aggressive, powerful, flexible, and blessed with the legendary reliability associated with Kawasaki sportbikes.

A beautifully styled 4-into-2-pre-chamber-into-2 exhaust offers a growl that is well-matched to the aggressive tone of the Z1000’s intake system. A butterfly valve in the right-side muffler not only helps reduce noise at low speed, but tunes back-pressure waves to further enhance low-speed engine response.

In the transmission, short overall gearing complements the more responsive engine to deliver astounding thrust at the rider’s command. When the road opens up, this stylish street fighter can stretch its legs thanks to a tall sixth gear that maintains a more comfortable cruising RPM for highway riding.

2015-Kawasaki-Z1000-DubaiThe Z1000 features an advanced aluminium frame that is similar to the Ninja ZX-10R superbike. The lightweight assembly curves over the engine, cradling it from above and solidly bolted to it in three places. The fourth mount is rubber-backed to provide added vibration isolation with torsional rigidity.

The frame design allowed the engineers to keep the bike’s waist narrow for superb rider interface, maximum comfort and control. The main frame and swingarm pivot pieces are cast as a single unit, eliminating welds wherever possible for seamless aesthetics. Its new subframe tapers to a very shallow cross-section at the rear, allowing the bodywork to take-on an aggressive minimalist profile.

2015-Kawasaki-Z1000-DubaiSuspension is handled by a fully adjustable 41mm inverted Separate Function Fork – Big Piston (SFF-BP) up front. It has springs in both tubes, with dedicated preload adjustability in the left tube and dedicated damping pistons and adjustability in the right. The Big Piston design provides smooth action during the initial part of the stroke and contributes excellent feel during heavy braking. The beauty of the Big Piston design is it allows the fork oil to act on a larger surface, so damping pressure can be reduced without compromising the effectiveness. Reducing the pressure allows the slider to act more smoothly, giving greater control as the fork compresses and a calm response under braking, leading to greater stability.

The horizontal back-link rear shock is mounted above the swingarm to move it away from the exhaust heat and centralize its mass. The stepless rebound damping adjuster allows the shock’s performance to be tuned to match changes to the spring preload or passenger loads.


The single-shock damper is mounted almost horizontally above the swingarm for optimal mass centralization and heat resistance. The gas/oil shock offers superb wheel control whether you’re hammering along deserted backroads or prowling pothole-infested city streets.

Great looking one-piece “monobloc” radial-mount front brake callipers offer world-class stopping power and feel. The ABS-equipped brake system uses 310mm petal-type front rotors and a race-spec radial pump master cylinder.

The monobloc front callipers are machined from a single piece of aluminium, delivering both increased stiffness and reduced weight compared to standard callipers. Riders will love the responsive braking power and tremendous feel at the lever.

A 250mm petal-type rotor and single-piston calliper provide good rear brake feel for maximum finesse. The power and feel of the brakes at both ends provides supreme confidence when slowing the bike from speed. The Z1000’s standard anti-lock brake system (ABS) promotes additional rider confidence when riding in slippery conditions.

The wheels are lightweight six-spoke supersport-style units that are manufactured using the latest lightweight production technology. Not only do they reduce unsprung mass, which allows the suspension to function better, but also carry the latest radial tire technology. The result is superb grip, precise handling and extended tread life.

The sculpted styling of the Z1000 is one of its most stunning aspects. The thin, compact headlight housing was positioned as low as possible, extending the line that starts from the top of the tank.

The reflector-less LED headlight uses four LEDs that enable the housing to be shaped so it contributes to the intense glare of the Z1000’s face. All four of the long-life, low-energy LED bulbs (two low-beam center, two high-beam outer) illuminate when the high-beam is used. A separate LED position lamp is located on the instrument cover.

Slim, futuristic-styled radiator shrouds partially surround the Z1000’s powerful engine, and an under-cowl contributes greatly to the aggressive appearance. The slender tail section further contributes to the bike’s crouched-forward appearance. The compact passenger pad was designed to integrate with the rider’s seat and gives the appearance of a solo-seat cover, adding to the sporty look of the tail section. The LED tail light design also adds a futuristic touch to the rear end.

In keeping with its radical looks, the Z1000 offers a superlative riding position. The wide, large-diameter aluminum handlebar offers great leverage for aggressive maneuvers, and the knurled metal footpegs grip the rider’s boots to provide a direct-connection to the chassis. It all adds up to the perfect ergonomics for maximum agility without sacrificing comfort.

As a package, the Z1000’s engine and chassis are tuned to act like European “streetfighter” models in both looks and feel. This innovative bike marks a significant step forward, providing an overall experience that is very different from other Japanese motorcycles, with a quicker, more direct feel that is sure to please experienced riders.

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