In all honesty, most adventure motorcycles you see on the road in the UAE are the R1200GS derivatives. Either the standard version or the almighty Adventure spec. However, if you find the BMW to be too common or expensive (which it is), you have other options you could look at. 2014-KTM-1190Adventure3Over the last few years, other manufacturers have realised the importance of selling their adventure bikes in this region and even though the dealers have been a bit hesitant, they are giving in to the demand.

Let’s take a look at what options do you have in the litre-class adventure bike segment.

In MY 2014, the KTM 1190 Adventure, together with its “R” sister model, has been turned into what is currently claimed by KTM to be the world’s safest motorcycle – yet still with undiluted riding pleasure.

For the first time, it offers Bosch’s new MSC (Motorcycle Stability Control). KTM says MSC enhances the existing package consisting of lean-sensitive traction control and ABS featuring a combined braking function with a world first: the first ever lean-sensitive cornering ABS.

2014-KTM-1190Adventure4The engine puts out 150hp with a weight of only 230 kg fully tanked. This produces a power-to-weight ratio previously unheard of in this class.

The chassis combines lightness with a very capable suspension setup, which, together with completely new tyres for the travel enduro class, promise to deliver an undreamed of riding pleasure in all conditions and whatever speed you desire, from very relaxed to very, very fast.


Price: AED 75,000 for the Adventure R

Contact: Sheikh Zayed Rd. Corner of 13a Street, Dubai, UAE. Phone+9714-346-8111

  • Andrew Lemon

    Do you know why the KTM dealer is not stocking this amazing bike?

    • Martin Victor Alva

      The last time I swung by the KTM showroom, they had two in stock and one on display. Sales are slow for the 1190 and I’m guessing the dealer has resorted to ordering them once they get a booking. The new liquid cooled R1200GS has gobbled up sales in the adventure-touring category!