The 2017 EICMA show is already over and we witnessed a plethora of new motorcycles and concepts who have their origins in various parts of the world. Amongst them, there was a little electric motorcycle, called the Otto MCR, which came all the way from Taiwan. The presence of many big players at the show overshadowed this little guy. But we think it’d be an exciting motorcycle to ride.

otto mcr uae-dubai
Purpose-built frame

The Otto MCR (mini city racer) is a small electric motorcycle, perhaps the size of a Honda Grom, particularly designed for the urban jungles. It has got a 4.8 kWh battery pack which powers up a 10 hp electric motor. The company claims that the MCR has a range of approx 100 km and can achieve a top speed of 102.99 kph. The batteries take two hours to fully charge via an integral charger, however, a quick charger can reduce the time by half.

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There are many latest features available in Otto MCR. It has got a TFT display with Bluetooth connectivity. It can display messages once you connect your smartphone to it. The same goes for navigation. An interesting feature of the MCR is that it comes with two cameras – one at the front incorporated in the headlight cowl and one at the tail. The rear camera captures footage of things behind the motorcycle and can display it on the TFT whereas the front one can record riding clips. There’s even a Facebook Live feature in the system!

Fancy alloys

When it comes to looks, the Otto MCR is not something which everyone would approach. It does look modern but its styling is a bit odd, not bad. On the other hand, its features will attract you. There are the body-integrated turn indicators, and some kind of air vent on either side of the fairing, perhaps, to cool the batteries, a round headlamp which we’re expecting is LED. It has even got USD forks at the front and a mono-suspension unit at the back. The upper and lower cast aluminium frame members carry a central steel section and twin steel trellis connections at the steering head and swingarm.

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Whether the Otto MCR would enter production or not remains unknown as of now. The company didn’t reveal details regarding its launch date or market availability. However, it did has a price tag of USD 5000. Would you buy one?