The 2017 MotoGP season came to a thrilling end a few days ago. Once again it was Marc Marquez who took the world championship title to his name. Testing for the 2018 season has already begun at Valencia. Amidst all this, news has emerged stating that there’s going to be a new schedule for the 2018 Qatar GP.

Until now Qatar GP used to take place at night. No matter how exciting and thrilling it is to watch a race at night, this schedule had caused problems in the past. Consider this year’s race, there was rain at the end of Moto2 race and the planned MotoGP race. Luckily, the track dried up pretty fast and the race was started with a 45-minute delay. However, since the schedule forces the MotoGP race to be held at the last and late in the night, dew starts to settle on the track making it dangerous. Therefore, it is being said that certain modifications have been made in the schedule of 2018 Qatar GP.

According to the new schedule, all three classes will have their early practice sessions during the afternoon. FP2 and Qualifying for the Moto3 class will be late afternoon, whereas Moto2 class will have to hold its FP2 and Qualifying during sunset. For MotoGP, the afternoon practice all occurs well after sunset, with practice, qualifying, and the race all taking place at 19:00 local time. This new schedule should also help if rain should disrupt the race schedule again. As Moto3 and Moto2 start in daylight, they can race even if it rains.

This schedule is still tentative and there’s no official confirmation of it as of now. But it’s definitely going to change and most likely it will be confirmed by the authorities pretty soon. Once changed, the new schedule will not be just for the 2018 season but will be followed for the future races as well.

Here’s how the revised timings look like:

Qatar Time Schedule For 2018
Friday 16th March
13:00-13:40Moto3Free Practice 1
13:55-14:40Moto2Free Practice 1
14:55-15:40MotoGPFree Practice 1
17:10-17:50Moto3Free Practice 2
18:05-18:50Moto2Free Practice 2
19:05-19:50MotoGPFree Practice 2
Saturday 17th March
13:00-13:40Moto3Free Practice 3
13:55-14:40Moto2Free Practice 3
14:55-15:40MotoGPFree Practice 3
16:35-17:15Moto3Qualifying Practice
17:30-18:15Moto2Qualifying Practice
18:30-19:00MotoGPFree Practice 4
19:10-19:25MotoGPQualifying 1
19:35-19:50MotoGPQualifying 2
Sunday 18th March
13:40-14:00Moto3Warm Up
14:10-14:30Moto2Warm Up
14:40-15:00MotoGPWarm Up
16:00Moto3Race (18 laps)
17:20Moto2Race (20 laps)
19:00MotoGPRace (22 laps)