Norton is getting closer to develop its second bike after the V4 RR, and it will spawn multiple body types, including an Isle Of Man TT Racer.

Norton wowed the world with their comeback on the back of a liter-class V4 superbike. The Norton V4 RR made 200 hp, was suited up in carbon and titanium and gave the best looking superbikes a run for their money. Norton did take their own sweet time building the V4 RR, but it is finally on the streets.


Now Norton teased its fans and followers with a teaser of a new bike that is being developed at Castle Donington. What we know for sure is that it will be a twin-cylinder, 650cc street bike. However, the middleweight platform will lead to many body types being built over it. The first model will probably be a street bike with a neo-retro design language. Retro bikes are all the rage these days, so why would Norton buck the trend? After all, the British motorcycle marque does have a rather illustrious history in the two-wheeler field of production.

The upcoming 650cc is purported to make 100 hp, which seems a rather high-strung figure for a bike of this displacement. This means that one of the derivatives will be a race bike. And indeed, Norton confirmed that one of the family of bikes using the 650cc platform will be a TT racer.

Norton does seem to be taking its own sweet time with the bikes. The 650cc roadster was due to show its production face at 2016 EICMA. It’s the end of 2017, and the teaser just surfaced. However, this behavior seems to be a pattern with the Donington-based marque, as the V4 RR project was also delayed. Still, the company putting out the teaser means that the project is either close to completion or is on the fast track to it. Which spells good news for worldwide fans.