Harley-Davidson has patented two names – the Bronx and Harley-Davidson Bronx – in the USA. According to the reports both the names have been registered as “motorcycles and structural parts therefor”. It clearly tells us that Harley-Davidson is planning to launch a new motorcycle.

As per the rules, a trademark application filed with the US Patents and Trademark Office is valid for 36 months. It means that Harley-Davidson will have to use the names the Bronx and Harley-Davidson Bronx in the coming three years from the date of the filing of the application. Otherwise, the names will not be protected anymore and any other body is free to use them or file its own application to book it for next 36 months.

This gives us a time frame to look forward to. Since Harley-Davidson has registered the names, it definitely will use them. Not using them just doesn’t make any sense. Now, when can we expect to see a new motorcycle with a badge saying ‘Bronx’ we are clueless about it.

The name sounds quite youthful and modern. This could mean that H-D might have something different for its new generation fans. Something which could be as bold as the new 2018 Fat Bob but with more street-oriented styling.

Perhaps, Harley-Davidson has already started working on the bike and would reveal it in the near future, or it still has to put things together and start the project. Whatever the case would be, we’re expecting to see a new H-D motorcycle in the next 36 months.