With the growing demand for adventure bikes along with dual-purpose and enduro bikes, motorcyclists need a new type of tyre to suit their requirements – better off-road performance without compromising grip on tarmac. Metzeler has come up with its new range of Karoo Street Tyres to satisfy these demands.

The new Metzeler Karoo Street tyres are designed specifically for big adventure bikes, enduro bikes and dual-purpose bikes. These tyres have got a semi-knobby pattern which ensures a great off-road performance. Along with that, it promises to provide excellent road performance, even in wet conditions.

While cruising at high speeds and for long distances, one of the biggest concerns of the riders is the performance of the off-road tyres of their adventure bikes. Also, the straight-line stability and mileage come into question. Karoo Street tire provides excellent handling and grip in comparison to its knobby tire competition, due to the sport touring derived profiles that deliver a typical on-road dynamic behaviour. The large sized blocks and their coupling to a stiff carcass provide perfect stability at high speeds on road, even when fully loaded with luggage and passenger. Also, the introduction of abrasion-resistant compounds makes the tyres perfect for good mileage.

The new Metzeler Karoo Street Tyres will be available from March 2018.