The final race of the 2017 MotoGP season had become a ho-hum and excitement was slowly dying. When only 5 laps were remaining, Marc Marquez lost his front end at a corner and we thought that’s it, that’s the end of his hopes of winning the 2017 MotoGP. It will be Dovizioso who will take the crown, provided his teammate Lorenzo plays along and he finishes at the podium.

While all these thoughts were rushing through our minds, Marquez killed them all by making an astonishing save in that corner. We’ve seen this young champion making unexpected and gravity-defying saves in the past, but this one has got to be one of his top 3 saves of all time.

Honda has released data related to Marquez’s save. It states that Marc reached the end of main straight and braked 30 metres later than usual. He took the corner at 153 kph, in third gear. When losing the front end, the front wheel slid for more than 50 metres and his lean angle reached 64 degrees. Watch the videos below to see how he did that.



Commenting on his save, Marquez said, “When I got to the corner I saw that I had entered too fast, but I thought ‘I’ll brake it and I’ll go in. But then, ‘boom!’ I supported my weight with my elbow! I used my elbow and knee as a level, and I think that with the help of the fans, I got the bike back up.”

It was really heart-breaking watching Dovi crash out of the race

And that’s how he came back to the race in Valencia. He joined in 5th place, just behind Dovi. And in the same lap, Dovi crashed out. And Marquez became the world champion, once again.