Marquez testing the new prototype

Marc Marquez grabbed his fourth MotoGP world championship at Valencia. The last race was a dramatic one, especially in the final few laps. It has been only a few days since, and Marquez is back on track in Valencia for testing for the 2018 MotoGP. The Spaniard tested three evolution of the Honda RC213V.

Marquez started his test session with his 2017 bike on which he won the championship. He then went on to test a modified version of the same bike which had an updated frame. And finally, he got to try Honda’s latest 2018 prototype.

The Spaniard scored the fastest lap time astride his 2017 motorcycle but he was much more excited about the new prototype. He said, “The new prototype is completely new, and of course when everything is new we had a small problem. That’s normal, the first time on the track. But anyway, it was working well, we had some interesting points, of course with the new prototype we still need to understand many, many things, because it was not only the new engine, it was also the chassis area which had many different parts. Now we need to understand well, and especially choose the correct way, the correct decision for the Malaysia test, because it will be the next time that we will ride with the bike.”

He further added by saying, “The prototype engine yes, we can gain there. But we need to work on the chassis area. The chassis that we had today, there were many, many new parts, and now we need to understand which part was better, which part was worse. But we need to choose, the engine is good, the chassis? [I still have] Doubts.”

For the electronics, Marquez felt that their settings are very accurate even though it’s such an early stage. He is happy with them and how they performed. Hence, he and Pedrosa won’t be present for testing at Jerez next week, rather both of them would contribute to the development of the new 2018 prototype.