Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa, both the Honda Repsol Team MotoGP riders, went off track to review Honda’s motorcycles. This isn’t the first time the duo did something together off the track. Recently, they were seen driving a mega tractor around a field.

The products lined up for review were Honda’s finest – RC213V, CBR1000RR and NSC50R. Marc and Dani started with the MotoGP race bike. They told about how this bike is different from the normal road-legal products, everything on this bike has been built purposely for the track. Also, how the use of advanced technologies in a MotoGP race bike helps the company test and decide what can they transfer to the road-legal machines.

Next up was the Honda CBR1000RR. Both the riders were quite impressed with the motorcycle. Over the years, this bike has been improved tremendously and many MotoGP technologies have been implemented on this one. There is a very advanced electronics package to help keep the bike in control. Of course, it is heavier than the RC213V but agility-wise it is outstanding.

The last but not the least was the Honda NSC50R. Marquez says that it isn’t a performance oriented machine and comfort is the top priority here. Although, it too has got some tech borrowed from MotoGP. Pedrosa also agreed and added that even some materials too have been used in this bike but it’s meant for practicality and functionality.

It’s good to see Marquez and Pedrosa doing such activities off the track. They are, undoubtedly, competitors on a race track, but off the record, they’re friends too. It’s always good to have a healthy relationship with your teammate, and, of course, with everyone else.