There’s more ‘electric’ news coming from the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer, KTM. The company recently unveiled the new 2018 Freeride E-XC, and now reports suggest that it’s working on a small 50cc E-Mini (electric) off-road motorcycle.

Jochi Sauer, KTM’s off-road product manager, said that this new bike is something that they started working on two years ago. Electric motorcycles are the future and KTM wanted to be ready for the revolution.

Apparently, KTM has already tested its E-Mini with the help of the son of a famous racer whose name KTM hasn’t disclosed. The kid scored a lap time of 2 seconds quicker astride the E-Mini compared to his 50cc SX on an off-road track.

Recently, in a press conference, KTM said that the new 50cc E-Mini electric motorcycle will replace the current 50cc conventional model. However, later it was said that this won’t be the case and the current 50cc internal combustion engine model will be continued as it is.

KTM-50-SX-uae-dubai-01KTM will continue to test its new small e-bike till 2019, and its production could begin at the starting of the same year. We can expect the bike to be available for purchase by 2020. No further details regarding this have been released by KTM as of now, but maybe it will start testing it openly and it wouldn’t be a secret project any more.