The brand new Badlands Pro Jacket and Pant from Klim represents the latest design, fit and material technologies available to the premium adventure motorcycle market.

Inspired by the ultimate performance of the unmatched Adventure Rally product line, the Klim Badlands Pro focuses on a sleek, un-inhibiting fit, durable-yet-comfortable fabrics, high-end integrated armor and the undeniable performance of Klim’s “Guaranteed To Keep You Dry” promise.

Available at: Old Timer Middle East

  • Klim is a great brand! However i cannot justify the money these guys want! They are Super expensive for no reason.
    I will go for the Siima Sibirsky Super Adventure instead.

    • Hasan Barakat

      Hello, I never tried any Siima riding jackets and would like to know more about them… are they available in the UAE?

      • Have you checked their website? Siima Sibirsky looks really unique. It can be transformed into a summer net with 360 degree dettachment of the shell layer.
        Contact them and let us know.
        They have global delivery with no extra cost.
        I am really hot on buying one.