2018 Honda Gold Wing

The Honda Gold Wing has always been one of the best true cruiser motorcycles that money can buy. It has revolutionised the people’s perception towards motorcycle touring. For all these years it has been the flagship cruiser motorcycle for Honda and will continue to be so. It has got a huge fan-base across the globe, and the ones in the Middle East should rejoice as the 2018 Gold Wing is now launched and available in our market.

2018 Honda Gold Wing

Honda Middle East launched the 2018 Gold Wing at St Regis Polo Resort and Club, Dubai. Speaking about the new bike, Mr Yutaka Nakanishi, Large Project Leader (LPL) 18YM GL1800 Gold Wing, said, “We wanted our new Gold Wing to maintain its luxury but to be a much more ‘rounded’ motorcycle. A machine as useful to its owner around the city as it is out on tour. And more exciting to ride than ever. So we started from a blank piece of paper and made the Gold Wing smaller and lighter, and added all the technological hardware and software the modern rider could wish for. Now, just as in 1975, it remains a flagship model for Honda – and we are very proud to start this new chapter for such an important name.”


The 2018 Gold Wing comes with the legendary flat 6-cylinder engine. This 1,833cc gigantic unit takes care to power up the ginormous machine. Honda has tuned it to produce a max power of 125 bhp at 5,500 RPM and develops a peak torque of 170 Nm at 4,500 RPM. The availability of torque from such low rev range makes it easier for the rider to handle the bike in every situation.

2018 Honda Gold Wing

The engine comes mated to either a 6-speed manual transmission or a DCT unit which is available with the ‘Tour’ edition model. This is the third all-new generation of the system and the first to have 7-speeds, specifically designed for long-distance cruising; it’s also extremely smooth and fast shifting.



Honda has reworked the styling of the new Gold Wing. It now looks much more modern and advanced than the previous model. The large dual headlight setup features all LED lights. The turn indicators are integrated into the mirrors and also gets an auto-cancelling feature. The protruding massive engine is an element of style in itself. Then we’ve got the panniers which are designed such that they don’t hinder the aerodynamics of the motorcycle. The new 2018 Gold Wing is a striking-looking motorcycle.


2018-Honda-Goldwing-Dubai-UAEHonda has given its all to its new flagship cruiser. The 2018 Gold Wing has got a long list of features. The most striking of them is the new dashboard. It has been completely revamped to accommodate various functions. Then there’s the 7-inch TFT LCD display which tells all the necessary information like infotainment, GPS, suspension adjustment settings, etc. It is also Apple CarPlay enabled. The wind deflector is adjustable. Operation of the luggage is simplified. With the smart key present, a push button opens the panniers and top box. It is also possible to temporarily unlock the luggage via remote control; the unlock button on the smart key enables the passenger to instantly access the saddlebags and the rear luggage box. Hydraulic dampers smooth the opening and closing.

Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) maintains rear wheel traction while the suspension damping and Combined Brake System (CBS) alter depending on the mode selected. Hill Start Assist (HSA) and Idling Stop add ease of use and improve fuel efficiency. We’ve also got throttle-by-wire with four different riding modes – tour, sport, econ and rain.


Honda has done a lot of brainstorming to make the new 2018 Gold Wing a fine machine. It has successfully managed to reduce the weight of the new motorcycle by 48 kg (depending on different models). This has enhanced the performance of the motorcycle. And even though it has got a smaller fuel tank (21 litres) than its previous model, Honda is confident that with the weight reduction and improvement in the engine, the new Gold Wing will have a better fuel efficiency.

2018 Honda Gold Wing

With its Gold Wing, Honda has given the two-wheeler industry one of the iconic motorcycles of all times. It is unique in its own way. The 2018 model is that much better and all-ready and packed with the latest technological advancements and bells and whistles which such a user would demand from such a motorcycle. It is now available in the Middle East and we’re hoping to get our hands on one as soon as possible.