The Dakar, one of the toughest rallies of the world, is in its 40th edition. The 2018 Rally will flag off on 6th Jan 2018 from Peru. It is a sport which tests the limits of both the rider and the machine. Hero MotorSports participated in the 2017 Dakar and was happy with the results. It has announced its team for the 2018 Dakar.

Hero MotorSports Team had Santosh and Joaquim Rodrigues as its rider for the 2017 season. The team has added a new member for the upcoming season. His name is Oriol Mena Valdearco and he hails from Spain. Hero MotorSports has included him in their team in Sept this year. He is a part of Hero MotoSports’ vision to identify new talent and nurture them into professional rally riders. Mena must’ve been training hard for his debut in the 2018 Dakar.

Hero MotorSports also revealed its rally bike, the RR 450. It has received certain modifications from last season’s bike to provide better performance. Hero has implemented new parts like the fuel tank, body parts, etc.. It has also tweaked the front a bit to enhance mass centralisation, handling and riding ergonomics. Just like the rider, the bike plays a significant role in Dakar.

Both CS Santosh and J-Rod successfully finished the 2017 Dakar

CS Santosh, Rider, Hero MotorSports, says, “I am satisfied with this year’s preparations, where I had the opportunity to work with industry professionals and experts, which brought in a better structure to the preparations. I am very happy with the new bike that we raced with at the OiLibiya Rally in October. The new bike is light, agile and makes going fast safe! This Dakar I will aim to make each and every day count! Ultimately it’s about enjoying the process and arriving at the finish line.”

The 2018 Dakar will begin from Peru on 6th Jan 2018 and will cover three countries and a distance of over 9000km. More than 500 participants are expected in this season. The rally will end in Argentina on 20 Jan 2018.