A recap on 2016 season.

Text: Charbel Khoury – Photography: Fouad Choufany


While most H.O.G.® chapters in the region are just about to start their riding seasons, the Lebanon Chapter’s year is coming to its end. And it was one heck of a journey.

Lebanon started their year with the famous Spring Ride that gathered more than 600 bikes, and majestically roamed the southern roads.


Then creativity kicked in, with a ride each and every Sunday; special events like the super crazy Riddle Hunt, the Cedars Weekend, the Sun of a Beach South Camp on the sandy beach of Tyr, the Mountain Lake Camp two-day craze, and the unforgettable White Night. One of the best partys in Lebanon this year, through which a dream was realized for a child suffering from cancer. And she’s going to watch Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas!



That’s not the only good doing that was done in Beirut this year, as, among other things, a poor amputee got a prosthetic leg, courtesy of the H.O.G.® Lebanon Chapter.

Their latest and best event was the Lebanon Tour in its Eighth version, 800% improved, yet again, to give participants from all over, three days of riding and partying they will never forget.


It feels good to see that Lebanon is now attracting us riders from all over the region, and beyond. It feels like after all the country has been through, and the way the Lebanon Chapter volunteers pour their hearts out to innovate, and create amazing experiences, Lebanon deserves to be as much a popular destination for riders, as it has become.