Recently, we reported that Gogoro has successfully managed to raise $300 million in the Series-C funding. Horace Luke, its co-founder and CEO, said that he has big future plans for the company and one of his main objectives is to expand its network. Well, he kept his word as Gogoro is now ready to enter the Japanese market.

To establish itself in Japan, the Taiwan based firm has partnered up with a Japanese investment firm called Sumitomo. The concept of its services here in Japan will be same as in other cities. Gogoro will not sell scooters rather provide them on a rental basis. The pricing of this service hasn’t been disclosed yet. In other cities like Paris and Berlin, where it has successfully left its footprint, similar services cost about $3.50 for the first half hour and $1.17 for every 10 minutes after that. Of course, the price will vary depending on the distance and time it is being used for.

gogoro-electric-scooter-uae-dubaiFor Japan, Gogoro is planning to establish charging stations beginning from a small island of Ishigaki. From here it will slowly expand its empire. There are other electric scooter rental companies available but Gogoro is different from them. How, you ask? Well, it allows customers to get their batteries replaced with a fully charged one from any of its charging stations. This means customers wouldn’t have to waste time to recharge the batteries every time they ran out of juice. In fact, Gogoro even promotes customers in doing so by giving offers like an extra 15 minutes of riding if you replace your draining battery with a charged one.

Gogoro has a good plan of spreading its empire of electric scooters. Based in Taiwan, at present it is only focusing to flourish its rental services and will not start selling its product. Perhaps, later in future, it will have more inventory options other than just electric scooters and it might also start opening exclusive dealerships where people would be able to buy a Gogoro.