If you aren’t a citizen of the following countries and want to ride a motorcycle in the UAE, you need to undergo RTA’s prescribed learning process for getting a UAE motorcycle license.

Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States. (Please call RTA on 8009090 for any changes to this list)


Please note: Driving license holders of some countries in the above list will require translations or consulate letters. These countries include:

Canada: A letter from the Canadian Consulate in Dubai to verify that the license is genuine is required, before transferring your license.

Driving license holders from Greece, Canada, Cyprus, Poland, Turkey, Japan and South Korea will require a translation of their driving license from their respective consulates.

If ymotorcycle-license-test-dubaiou aren’t from the above mentioned countries and if you already have a license from your home country and if it’s five years or older, you need to undergo 20 classes before you are eligible for a UAE motorcycle license. For those holding motorcycle licenses less than five years, you need to undergo 30 classes and those without a license need to undergo 40 classes, irrespective of their nationality.

The following are the documents required to start the process for a UAE motorcycle license;

  1. Passport for residents (original for verification and a copy)
  2. Residence permit copy
  3. Current driving license (original & copy)
  4. Translation of driving license (for some countries)
  5. Consulate letter (for Canadians)
  6. 1 passport photo
  7. Eye test certificate (available at the driving school for around AED 100)
  8. A no-objection letter from your sponsor if your visa title isn’t “Manager”

A file opening charge of AED 360 (might vary) is also applicable.

Here is a breakdown of the process;

File “opening”: this process might take from anywhere up to a week to a fortnight, depending on the driving centre and if you’ve signed up as a VIP.

Theory class: All applicants are required to undergo eight hours of theory classes’ before being eligible for a theory test

Theory test: Once you finish all eight hours of theory classes, you need to pass a computerised theory test (20 questions). To pass, you need to answer at least 18 questions correctly.

Field classes: Once you are done with the theory test, you will start riding the motorcycle in the yard. Yard training covers manoeuvring skill and quick response skills. Applicants will learn to perform various cornering, braking and collision avoiding techniques.

Field test: Once you have undergone the required amount of classes, you will have a field test supervised by an official from the RTA. Only if you pass the field test, you are allowed to proceed to out-door riding.

Road training: This is fairly simple, you have to follow the instructor around a fixed route around your driving centre in groups of five.

Road test: This is the final hurdle. An RTA official will follow a group of five riders in a car observing how they ride along a prescribed route. Once you are done, he will hand you assessment sheets that will mention whether you have passed or failed.

If you have passed, you will get the UAE motorcycle licence on the same day or the next day.

Tip: Carry your own helmet and protective gear for yard and road training to avoid wearing helmets and protective jackets that are useless and worn by thousands of people.

All the best!

License centres

Emirates Driving Institute
Phone: +971 4 263 1100
Website: http://www.edi-uae.com

Galadari Driving Institute
Phone: +971 4 267 6166
Website: http://www.gmdcbranch.com

Dubai Driving Institute
Phone: +971 4 345 5855
Website: http://www.dubaidrivingcenter.net

Al Ahli Driving Institute.
Phone: 800 252454
Website: http://www.alahlidubai.ae

  • Narendra

    may i know what is the minimum age for opening a two wheeler license file??

  • Yes i thin it has changed.. I am 17 years old but Im also looking if i can do it.. please let me know if you found anything

  • Ali


    I would like to get some infotmation , Im in abu dhabi and i want to know if there is another place than mussafah , im living in down town and i’ve heard that i need to go there for the process ! And how much it takes to do it as fast as possible , knowing that i am an experienced

  • Ali

    Hello theres another place than mussafah for the process ?

  • Shoaib

    Hello sir
    Please send me information for motorcycle course duration and fee please send me details as soon as possible

  • Nandu

    I passed Theory test 2 days Back.. you must need to study the motors riding book if not you will get faild.. i passed in second attempt.. in Belhasa there is a 35 Questions.. 17 specific and 18 comman. you need to answer 13+13= 26 in both subjects. if got 14+12 yoy will be faild dont expect easy test without reading..

    • kenan

      to pass the theory reading the books given my the school is important, there are some question which are asked apart from what is mentioned in those books but if you the trick to find the silly ans for those question u will pass in your first attempt. i got my motorcycle licence from Belhasa a couple of days back on the first attempt itself. Be confident and do exactly the instructor tells you to.”always stop of stop signals, indicator-mirror-shoulder check-mirror while changing lanes, do no speed much”

      • Mukesh

        Hi … Do u remember what were the questions ? I know it’s not the same always but still would be a great help in preparing… Thanks

  • Musa

    Does anyone know where I can get my motorcycle license in Sharjah?

  • Joe

    I’m currently in the galadari school in al Nahda
    omg the school is so bad the instructor doesn’t know English and half of the time he is checking his phone and not paying attention to the people mistakes, and he doesn’t even explain what needs to be done.
    I guess i’ll speak to the management about it if he doesn’t change..

    • nandu

      Change to Belhasa its better buddy.. i passed my yard test last week in first attempt they are good

  • Deepak

    Total how much aed I have spend for my driving licence in Dubai in India have my licence from 2011

  • Hamdan

    Please any one an tell me how much cost for bike licens in al ain

  • Aneesh. A

    I am Having UAE Light license. and i would like to get motorcycle. Please let me know the formalities.

  • nandu

    Hey Guys I passed Yard in last week.. bit Diffcult but if you focused your mind it will be simple ????

  • Vanessa

    Is woman can pass motorcycle license?

    • Martin Victor Alva

      Yes, women can get a license. There are a lot of female riders in the UAE.

  • savad

    I was working at a hypermaket my compani not giving noc if any way to get lisense without noc

  • elie

    how much does it cost?

    • Martin Victor Alva

      About AED 5,000.

  • fadi

    Does it worth to have a bike license in UAE. I mean will you be really driving it…for fun i mean…not work..
    How much will be the registration and insurance cost for normal cruising bike.
    How long will all this process take.. ? From file opening to taking licence?
    Thanks in advance for your help Martin ☺

  • Baba

    Hi I need a riders licence what can be the total cost in AED and how long can it take to go through all the processes for a smart student or applicant. And if my company refuse to give me a no-objection letter, can it be possible to get through still?

  • Rehaan

    Hye I m rehaan and i m interested to take the license but the company is not giving me the NOC so how can i get the licence.

  • Frank

    Please confirm all requirements to get bike license in Abu Dhabi in addition to the below;
    1. Passport and Residency Visa
    2. Australian bike licenese (to avoid having to go through test protocol)
    3. EID & 2 passport photos
    4. NOC from sponsor (although i understand if visa shows you as a manager NOC not req’d – correct?)
    anything else ?
    Which license department – Mussafah or Airport Road (or either)

  • Shaik Roshan

    I want to learn motorcycle driving in UAE, how much it cost plz send me the all details…

  • Mukesh

    Hi … Those who passed theory test for motorcycle please help others prepare for what kind of trick questions will be asked which is not covered in guide book… Thanks

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