You just bought a new bike but don’t have a garage to park it in? That doesn’t mean your bike has to suffer! From simple heat protection to custom-fit, breathable, lockable covers, Coverking has what you need to keep your ride protected.

For many people, their bikes are one of the most expensive purchases they will make. Protecting this investment can prolong their life and protect its resale value.

Covers come in many varieties and offer different protective strengths for the hot region climate that can fade the paintwork through the effects of UV damage, while rain water can leave stains on the bike. Wind can blow dust, stones and other particles onto the bike, potentially damaging the finish or simply contributing to a dirty looking bike, both of which are undesirable outcomes. Thanks to the Silverguard material, an all-weather 300 denier polyester, you can rest assured that your bike will remain in perfect condition all year long.


Coverking covers will protect your bike, car or ATV from water damage as well as providing heat and dust resistance, which helps protect the mechanical and cosmetic components of your ride. Not only does it act as a barrier for these natural hazards, but Coverking covers can also reduce the threats of theft and vandalism – as it blocks prying eyes and increases the chances of the perpetrator being caught. Another great feature of Coverking covers is that the breathable fabric reduces condensation under the cover, which is very important during the hot humid days or while storing your ride for a long period of time.

Of course the more protection that your cover comes with, the heavier it will be. This can get a bit annoying if you’re going to be taking your cover on a touring trip with you. For covers on the go, you might like to know that the Coverking covers are soft, compact and easy to store.

Coverking has something for everyone, with a full line of custom tailored covers that hug every curve and offer maximum protection.


Depending on when and where you’ll be storing your ride, buy a cover that suits all of your needs from