Most of the high-end performance motorcycles are equipped with Brembo brakes. These motorcycles are extremely powerful and unbelievably fast, hence, they need top-notch brakes. Brembo has got a very good reputation across the globe in providing braking solutions to numerous automobile manufacturers. Unfortunately, this time there has been an issue with a specific unit of a type of master cylinder that Brembo manufacturers and this can lead to a series of recalls of various motorcycles worldwide.

According to Brembo, there’s a problem with its PR16 radial master cylinder unit. The piston of this unit could be faulty as it’s been made of a type of plastic which is polyphenylene sulphide. This can develop cracks due to excessive use of the brakes, like on a race track, or even when the ABS kicks in or when the bike just falls. It’s a serious issue as it can lead to complete failure of the brake and its results could be devastating.

Brembo says that the plastic part will be replaced by an aluminium part to solve the problem. Since many manufacturers use Brembo brakes in their high-performance bikes, they would need to figure out which of their motorcycles are fitted with this particular type of master cylinder unit. Some big names like Ducati, KTM, Triumph, are expected to issue a recall soon.

At this moment, there’s no exact number of how many motorcycles would have been affected by this problem. As of now, Aprilia has already issued a recall of its 2016-17 RSV4 and 2017 Tuono 1100 in America. We are expecting others to follow in the coming days.