michelin moto-e

During the last season of MotoGP majority of the riders voted in favour to change the front tyre from Mugello (round six). Keeping this in mind, Michelin has stated that in this season it is not going to introduce any new tyre design in the middle.

Piero Taramasso, manager of two-wheel motorsport for Michelin, said, “We want to keep stability in terms of tyres. This is what the riders and teams asked us to do. So starting at the beginning of the season we will fix the front casing and the front profile, plus the rear casing and the rear profile. This will not change all season.”

He further added, “Especially in the first year [2016], we wanted to develop very quickly, to try to give the best tyre as soon as possible. And the riders complained, ‘the tyres change too much, they change the handling, this and this and this’. So this year, there will be no change. There will be the stability of the tyres.”

Michelin says that for the new tyres it has used 80 percent of the tyre compounds from last year. Only two or three new compounds have been introduced for the 2018 season. Teams have been testing these during the pre-season testing, and hence, are well familiar with them. In total, Michelin will use around 7 different front compounds and 11-12 different rear compounds during the 19 rounds.

Michelin will be paying close attention at the Buriram track, which is a new addition to the 2018 MotoGP calendar. Also, the resurfaced track at Silverstone and Barcelona will demand a close eye.