KTM has just added a new electric motorcycle in its product catalogue, and it is called the 2018 Freeride E-XC. This one is purely made for off-roading enthusiasts who are concerned about the environment by not burning any fuel by using a normal off-road motorcycle with an IC engine.

The new Freeride E-XC is much more than just a visual upgrade from its predecessor. The old bike was criticised for having a very short-range for an off-road motorcycle. KTM has made sure that such isn’t the case with the new one. KTM says that they’ve successfully managed to increase the range of the new Freeride E-XC by 50%, thanks to the new batteries made by Sony. This hike should give a riding time of around one and a half hours and around two hours if you switch on the eco mode and regenerative braking. The batteries on the new Freeride E-XC are swappable and are also support fast charging. KTM also claims that these batteries retain 70% of its original capacity after 700 charge cycles.

ktm-2018-freeride-exc-uae-dubai-03The electric motor of the new 2018 KTM Freeride E-XC has been tuned to provide a linear power delivery. The actual power figure is 24.5hp but officially it produces around 12hp. The torque generated by the motor is 42Nm. These figures are equivalent to a quarter-litre two-stroke motorcycle.

To improve the handling of the new E-XC, KTM has upgraded the suspension setup too. The bike gets a new WP Xplor 43 forks, bolted into a stiffer triple tree, offering improved performance. To match the fork is a new WP PDS Xplor rear shock. The brakes have also been altered, the front now gets improved brake pads and brake hose whereas the rear one gets a smaller piston for enhanced brake-feel.

ktm-2018-freeride-exc-uae-dubai-02KTM plans to offer the charger and battery via a leasing program, and yes the new battery pack is backwards compatible with the previous generation machine, which means current owners Freeride E owners can get an upgrade as well. As far as the price is concerned, KTM hasn’t given any official figure as of now.