The automotive industry is slowly trying to swallow the fact that electric vehicles are the future. And while doing so it has also begun the process of adapting itself to the changing elements. At the 2017 EICMA show in Milan, apart from numerous new conventional motorcycles and concepts, we also got to see new electrical motorcycles from various firms. One such firm is Evoke Motorcycles and it showcased its Evoke Urban Classic.

The Evoke Urban Classic is the firm’s second model. The first model started as a hobby. Now, Evoke Motorcycles has partnered up with Foxconn, which makes iPhones, and is very optimistic about the future of the company. Let’s talk about the Urban Classic now, shall we?

The electric motorcycle has got a 19kW hub motor which has got a torque of 116.6 Nm. The bike weighs 185 kg and this much torque should be sufficient to make it work. The company says that the motor automatically adapts to the individual’s riding style to provide the smoothest ride possible.

evoke urban classic-uae-dubai
Bar-end mirrors are a classic touch

Charging and range
Evoke Motorcycles says that the Urban Classic will take only 3 hours to charge 80 percent capacity of its batteries. This is by using the firm’s on-board fast charger. The bike can be charged via L2 charging stations as well as standard household outlets. A full charge will give a range of 200 km.

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Features and styling
The Urban Classic looks very modern when it comes to styling. The twin LED headlight arranged in a vertical fashion is very interesting. The bar end mirrors and small round old-school type turn signal indicators, add a little bit of classic touch. The overall stance of the bike is sporty and it would definitely turn heads.

Twin headlight setup in a vertical fashion

Another classic element of the motorcycle is its ‘diamond stitched leather seat’. Hand-stitched from the finest Tibetan leather and delicately wrapped around plush padding, it ensures to provide a comfortable ride. There is a high-density foam, that is both antimicrobial and anti-bacterial, so you don’t have to worry about stains from rain, or coffee that you spill.

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Other features include a crystal LED high-resolution touch display which supports multi-touch gestures. It also has digital connectivity. The bike also comes with a regenerative braking system which would help to extend the range by a bit.

No further details regarding the launch or production date have been revealed by the manufacturer.