Cal Crutchlow was joined by Lewis Hamilton at the Chuckwalla Valley Raceway to have some fun. Both of them went around the track covering several laps. At the end of the day, Hamilton says, “What Cal does is more hardcore than F1.”

Monster Energy, the mutual sponsor of the boys, made a video about their outing. Have a look.


Hamilton, four-time F1 world champion, himself is a keen motorcyclist. He helped MV Agusta to create his own limited edition model called the F4 L44. He is also a huge fan of two-wheeled motorsports. He says that the discipline required for such a sport is on a completely different level than his own.

After having the day well spent on the track, Lewis said, “Cal invited me down for a day at the track. The speeds these guys do, it’s insane. I’ll be back here pushing. The back end has been sliding out. Now I’m hooked.”